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Under our SUPPLYview program, we've developed an analytic platform to better inform and highlight saving opportunities for our members.

What is SUPPLYview Interactive (SVI)?

SUPPLYview Interactive (SVI) brings submitted purchase data to SUPPLYview Members fingertips. Data is intuitively displayed through dashboards that help inform and highlight opportunities for members. This platform allows SUPPLYview Members and Yankee Alliance to collaborate and achieve goals.

Analytic Platform Benefits

Seamlessly Integrated 

with Your Procurement Systems

Our analytics platform is a vital asset to teams
in Materials Management, Supply Chain, and Contracting.

High Level Member Insight

Quality data is now intuitively displayed through dashboards that help better inform and highlight opportunities for members.

  • Highlights savings and required actions to reduce cost.
  • Displays contract uptake opportunity.
  • Brings launching contracts, tier recommendations, and impacts to the forefront.

Contract Analysis

We offer a 3 Month Contract Pipeline. This robust pipeline presents valuable future contract information with the associated opportunity.

  • Displays recommended tiers
  • Identify Price Activation opportunities
  • Visability into associated changes within
    new contract launch

Other Amazing benefits

Contract Compliance

Exhibits contract spend where there is no activation record for potential opportunity.

Member Service Support

Live support from our team to
troubleshoot problems.

Strategic Decision-Making

Proactive help in managing your unique supply chain.

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Ready to start saving big?
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"We achieve savings. We’re about providing savings so that we can take care of our patients. As a nurse, a clinician, and in supply chain, I'm able to bring value back to the patients and the end users."

David Teixeira
Southcoast Health


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Asked Questions

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Your SUPPLYview Questions Answered:

What do I need to do to participate in SUPPLYview Interactive?

Become a member with Yankee Alliance and sign up for our SUPPLYview program.

What are the Data requirements?

Submit 12 months of data in tilde, pipe or tab delimited text file of PO History, Invoice History, Vendor Master and Item Master through Yankee’s FTP site. All files must include a header row and quantity & price should not include commas or dollar signs.

How is the Data Cleansed?

Member submitted data gets cleansed and categorized by Premier Inc. first. The Analytics team at Yankee Alliance then reviews the cleansed data further to ensure quality.

How do I report any issues within the platform?

If you are having issues logging in or receive an error message, please reach out to our support team via or your Member Services representative.

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