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We value our relationship with our supplier partners. Join us in providing our membership with value and quality through volume aggregation.

How To Apply

How to Apply

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Yankee Alliance encourages all potential suppliers to apply for consideration. Our supplier partners see immense benefits when partnering with us.

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Our Contract Portfolio Managers will reach out discuss the details. Note: Applying does not ensure your company will be automatically qualified.

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With $4.6B in annual aggregated member contract volume, we offer significant opportunities for suppliers to share in the power of group purchasing.

Join over 3,300 suppliers partnered with Yankee Alliance

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Supplier Benefits

We work hard to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our supplier partners


Members are provided meaningful information and direction in the areas of market share, contract conversion, and contract utilization.

Clinically Integrated Contracting

The use of clinical data to support contracting strategies furthers the focus on patient outcomes and overall value.

Quick + Easy
Contract Activation

Our streamlined process to price activate contracts ensures pricing is loaded and promotes contract utilization.

Excellent Customer

We're known for our member services, including communications like peer group meetings, newsletters, webinars, and, “Green Light” promotions.

John Schaefering
Manager Corporate Accounts,
Thermo Fisher Scientific

"We’re very thankful for Yankee Alliance to invite us to showcase to their members what we can offer them, including the value adds. We always look forward to doing business with them."

Asked Questions

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Your Supplier Questions Answered:

What are the benefits of becoming a Yankee Alliance supplier?

Click here to learn more about the benefits of partnering with us.

How do I access contracts?

Your company will need to become a member of Yankee Alliance to access our contract portfolio.

How do I request a copy of the Yankee Alliance membership list?

Up to date membership lists can be found in your supplier portal. Log in to download.

How are contract decisions made?

Contract decisions are member-driven through our member advisory committee process. Yankee Alliance staff gathers information about suppliers; products and pricing that committees require to make informed decisions. Additional factors such as minority vendor status are also considered. New technologies that demonstrate significant advantages over current technologies are particularly encouraged.

Contracts are awarded via the committee process based upon the committee's overall evaluation of price, quality and additional factors.

Do you have a diversity program?

Yes. Yankee Alliance strives to support small (S), minority (M), veteran (V), and women (W) owned suppliers. Suppliers that operate as S, M, V, or W will be so noted and considered throughout the award process. We strive to follow the latest supplier diversity best practices.

How do I know your contracts are ethical? Do you have a code of conduct?

Our Board of Directors has adopted a Code of Conduct which clearly delineates the way in which the organization will conduct itself in contracting activities and its dealings with suppliers and business partners. Our code of conduct affirms our commitment to high standards of ethical practices. More information can be found on our Ethics & Compliance page.

Yankee Alliance believes that any successful relationship, including the negotiation process, requires that both parties follow similar guidelines in the way they conduct business. These guidelines can be found in our Supplier Expectations overview.

Is Yankee Alliance a member of the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII)?

Yes. To further our commitment to the highest ethical standards, Yankee Alliance is a member of the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII), an organization of the nation's leading group purchasing organizations founded in 2005 to promote and monitor best ethical and business practices in purchasing for hospitals and other healthcare providers. Members of HGPII adhere to core principles of ethics and business conduct.

In 2010, the HGPII CEOs voted unanimously: (i) to activate a formal process to ensure prompt and fair resolution of business partners complaints regarding a GPO’s purchasing process; and (ii) to implement an independent advisory council. More information about the evaluation process can be found here and the latest Yankee Alliance Public Accountability Questionnaire can be found here.

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