Program offers high-value spend insight and visibility to optimize utilization

CLEVELAND, AUGUST 27, 2018 – PartsSource, the first and only cloud-based platform that orders, tracks and standardizes the procurement of quality medical replacement parts, has been selected as a partner by Yankee Alliance, a healthcare organization that reduces member supply and operating expenses through aggregation of data, purchasing, ideas and knowledge. PartsSource’s curated marketplace consolidates 4 million products into a single digital platform to reduce variance, support evidence-based purchasing decisions and simplify an often-fragmented process, which aligns with Yankee Alliance’s strategies for cost reduction, contracting, analytics, benchmarking and value management in the healthcare supply chain.

PartsSource will provide Yankee Alliance members a simplified parts procurement process, visibility into spend and quality, and standardization in the challenging area of purchased services – an area that can represent up to one-third of a health system’s total expenditures. Yankee Alliance members also will benefit from special pricing when signing new agreements with PartsSource.

“Every day we help hospital systems deliver better margins through lower supply costs, more effective use of team members and by digitizing cumbersome procurement processes of mission-critical goods and services,” said Phil Settimi, M.D., President and CEO of PartsSource. “Yankee Alliance members can now leverage a proven solution in use by 15,000 clinical sites across the country who partner with PartsSource to access 4 million products through more than 6,000 suppliers to improve availability of clinical assets and bottom line results.”

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About Yankee Alliance   

Yankee Alliance is a member-driven healthcare group purchasing organization founded in 1984 on a belief in collaboration, that working together can achieve more than working alone. Our mission is twofold: to work with members to reduce supply and operating expenses through aggregation of data, purchasing, ideas and knowledge and to excel in strategic innovations that continually assist members in reducing their cost while recognizing their individual needs. Today, Yankee Alliance remains true to the foundational belief in collaboration and has grown to over 15,250 members in all classes of trades across all 50 states. For more information visit  

About PartsSource®

Combining a suite of software-enabled services with industry best practices, PartsSource empowers customers to drive costs out of healthcare delivery. By automating the highly complex workflow associated with procurement, PartsSource delivers the industry’s only online, fully-integrated medical products and repair parts marketplace. PartsSource facilitates millions of transactions annually by connecting 6,000 OEMs and suppliers to 3,000 hospitals and 12,000 clinical sites worldwide.

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