Savings solutionYankee Alliance works with members to standardize product utilization, implement clinical best practices and drive costs out of supply chain. In 2020, Yankee Alliance worked with S2S Global and Ansell Technologies to initiate a surgeon glove utilization and conversion project for Southcoast Hospital Group.

To get started, Yankee Alliance together with Ansell’s surgeon glove representative went through a utilization assessment of Southcoast Hospital Group surgeon glove usage to determine and address redundancy, decrease SKU’s, review expired and rarely used glove products.  With the results of the utilization assessment and in conjunction with Blue.Point’s Action Plan recommendations we revealed a $94,665 savings to Southcoast Hospital Group.

Key factors to savings include:

  • Initiated a surgeon glove utilization assessment to gain visibility of product usage.
  • Offered Blue.Point’s Action Plan recommendations to Southcoast Hospital Group to provide direction and next steps for product conversion.
  • Southcoast’s OR staff determined replacement surgical gloves with Ansell for the product conversion to be of excellent quality.
  • Utilization and conversion project put into motion revealed a savings of $94,665 for Southcoast Hospital Group.

About Yankee Alliance
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