FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 25, 2015 ; WILLIAMSTON, Mich., —  Centurion Medical Products , a leader in vascular access products, today announced a new three-year contract with Yankee Alliance to offer its 12 thousand plus healthcare members the patented “all-in-one” SorbaView SHIELD ® Securement System along with a comprehensive suite of unique catheter securement and stabilization products.

A recently published article in the Journal of Infusion Nursing mentions that more than 300 million peripheral IV catheters are sold each year in the United States alone, and 60 to 90 percent of hospitalized patients require an IV catheter during their hospital stay. The article also states that “35% to 50% of those catheters fail.” These failures can reflect poorly on patient satisfaction, which can lead to penalties under the CMS-administered Value-Based Purchasing program.

“When Yankee Alliance members utilize Centurion’s SorbaView SHIELD ® Securement System they will quickly realize a decrease in clinicians’ time spent restarting IVs. In a study , the SHIELD product lasted out to 96 hours or until the PIV was discontinued in 91% of patients. That is a significant improvement in quality of care and reduction in cost of care. Our partnership with leaders in healthcare such as Yankee Alliance signals Centurion is recognized as an innovator in providing results that lower costs, reduce risk, and help to avoid fines associated with the PPACA,” said Tom Archipley, CEO of Centurion Medical Products. 

The SHIELD is less expensive than other securement devices on the market and 86% of nurses are satisfied with its performance. There was also an average annual cost savings of $120,000 over the two-piece device and improved compliance by nursing.

Craig Shoukimas, Vice President Contracting, Yankee Alliance says, “Our members are always looking for innovative products to reduce and eliminate hospital-acquired infections. With Centurion’s SHIELD system, they not only get proven results, but increased patient satisfaction and cost savings in return.”

About Centurion Medical Products

For over 50 years, Centurion Medical Products has been known for designing and delivering innovative products that increase clinician efficiency and improve patient care. SorbaView SHIELD ®  Securement Systems , Compass pressure monitoring technologies, ECO EME-BAG™, and CVC Zone Bundles are a few examples of the many Centurion products that streamline care and reduce costs. The company provides comprehensive and consistent support to customers nationwide through clinical training and sustainability programs, high fill rates, and personalized kit design services. Centurion has over 1,100 team members, is privately owned and headquartered in Williamston, Michigan. To learn more about Centurion go to .

About Yankee Alliance

Yankee Alliance, an owner of Premier Inc., is a group purchasing organization founded in 1984 on a belief in collaboration, that working together can achieve more than working alone. Its mission is twofold: to work with members to reduce supply and operating expenses through aggregation of data, purchasing, ideas and knowledge and to excel in strategic innovations that continually assist members in reducing their cost while recognizing their individual needs. Today, Yankee Alliance remains true to the foundational belief in collaboration and has grown to over 12,000 members in all classes of trades across all 50 states.  For more information visit .

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