Innovation in analytics is how Yankee Alliance uncovers more expense reductions every day.

Mining and analyzing data is at the core of Yankee Alliance. Using proprietary business analysis tools and processes we identify opportunities for savings and provide actionable information to enable you to make better-informed decisions that help reduce expenses. All departments of Yankee Alliance - contracting, clinical resources, value analysis, facilities, food service, and account management collaborate with our analysts to provide the most beneficial recommendations for your facility.

Data Analytic Tools

  • Contract volume reports provide insight into expiring and replacement contracts; when it’s time to make a change, who the 'green light' business partners is and details about your current utilization rate.
  • Opportunity reports provide benchmarking data that show how your facilities spend compares to other facilities similar to yours.
  • The Pharmacy Contract Analysis Report (PCAR) helps you choose the best product in the category and ensures the best pricing.
  • SUPPLYview™, our proprietary supply chain analytics tool, assists members with strategic supply chain management through data analytics and clinical research. Using your own purchase order data our analytics team provides detailed contract analyses on an automatic, continual basis for more timely, accurate, and efficient intelligence into a broad range of savings opportunities. Learn more.
  • Clinical Product Utilization studies on more than 90 specific product groups provide a way to understand and implement cost-saving improvements in product mix, product type, clinical policies and practices while maintaining high quality patient care. These innovative studies create a savings pipeline for value analysis teams by combining evidence-based clinical best practice research with total cost and product usage benchmarking.