Yankee Alliance strives to maintain and cultivate effective, productive relationships with suppliers who provide high quality products and services to bring value to our members.

Yankee Alliance values its relationships with its suppliers. Our code of conduct affirms our commitment to high standards of ethical practices that are designed to help us make the right decisions. To further our commitment to the highest ethical standards, Yankee Alliance is a member of the Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII), an organization of the nation's leading GPO's, founded in 2005 to promote and monitor best ethical and business practices in purchasing for hospitals and other healthcare providers. Members of HGPII adhere to core principles of ethics and business conduct.

In 2010, the HGPII CEOs voted unanimously: (i) to activate a formal process to insure prompt and fair resolution of supplier complaints regarding a GPO’s purchasing process; and (ii) to implement an Independent Advisory Council. To learn more about the evaluation process and to obtain the submission form please visit the HGPII Independent Evaluation.

Supplier Expectations

A cornerstone of Yankee Alliance is our group purchasing program which consists of group purchasing agreements that provide high quality products and services at market leading prices. It is critical that Yankee Alliance maintain effective, productive relationships with the supplier community. For this relationship to be successful, it is essential that both buyer and seller follow certain guidelines in the way they conduct business.

Yankee's Board of Directors has adopted a Code of Conduct which clearly delineates the way in which the organization will conduct itself in contracting activities and its dealings with suppliers. Yankee believes that any relationship, including the negotiation process, requires that both parties follow similar guidelines. To this end, Yankee's Board of Directors has adopted this Supplier Expectations document which explains our expectations of our suppliers, and suggests the manner in which we wish to be treated as customers and business associates. Download PDF

Supplier Diversity Program

Yankee Alliance strives to support small (S), minority (M), veteran (V), and women (W) owned suppliers. Suppliers that operate as S, M, V, or W will be so noted and considered throughout the award process. We strive to follow the latest supplier diversity best practices. Download pdf

In addition to medical supplies and surgical supplies Yankee Alliance encourages the introduction of innovative products and technologies and presents all proposals from responsible suppliers to our member committees for consideration.

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